Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust on Women's Health

Hannah Taylor

14th July 2017
Women | Health | Campaigning | Charity

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to women with cervical cancer. We are committed to seeing the disease prevented. We run health promotion programmes to improve the uptake of preventative cervical screening and the HPV vaccine, which protects against cell changes that lead to cervical cancer. Sadly the UK has very poor survival rates and we are dedicated to offering the upmost care to every woman affected. Of the 9 women a day who are diagnosed with cervical cancer, many feel isolated by their diagnosis and struggle with decisions about treatment and care. We want to create awareness nationally because this disease is one of the most preventable cancers but also the most common in women under 35. 1 in 4 women still do not attend their cervical screening (smear test) which is something that needs to change and through talking to community groups, we can change this.

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