Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary

paul bryan

East Midlands
Notice Period:
Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Charity volunteer, Animal Welfare
31st May 2017
Dogs | History | Charity

The history of the Greyhound from their origins and how they have been involved in British culture for hundreds of years. The impact that the racing industry had and is still having on the breed both in the UK and Worldwide. The work of the charity "Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary". What we do, where we do it and why we do it.

A Q&A session is always welcomed after the talk.

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About paul bryan

Vice Chairman of Trustees of a Registered Charity. We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home ex racing greyhounds.

My talk explores the history of greyhounds, how they came to England, their place in English culture. Also the impact of the racing industry had and is still having on the breed. Then explain the work of the Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary, where, how and why we do it.

I am happy to be accompanied by my greyhound but can also speak alone. A Q&A session after my talk is always welcomed. Normally my talk last for between 45-60 minutes.

Have spoken to such groups as WI's, Probus, Round Table, Rotarian, Youth organisations and Schools.

Happy to attend at extremely short notice.

I do not charge a fee or ask for travel expenses but a donation in lieu to the Charity is requested.

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