A Mongolian Adventure

Allan Grey

East Midlands
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8th June 2022
Trekking | Mongolia | Eagle Hunters

The talk covers a visit to Mongolia in 2015, provides a little bit of the history of the country, a visit to the capital Ulaan Baatar, and then covers time trekking in Tavan Bogd NP in the far west of the country, a three day homestay with a nomadic eagle hunting family, and time spent at a traditional eagle hunters festival.

The talk takes between 45 & 50 minutes and is accompanied by numerous spectacular photographs shot on location.

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About Allan Grey

I am an inveterate traveller, having visited over 100 countries, most of them in a 20 year retirement. Whether trekking in the Himalayas, lounging on a cruise ship or touring in Asia or the Americas, I have a large archive of great images from these travels which I use to illustrate my three main talks.

I do not charge a fee, but am delighted if a small donation is made to my Lions club, The Lions Club of Rutland.

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