Hypnosis- The way forward in Talk therapy

Karen Lee

Paid: £50
23rd September 2017
Hypnosis | Addiction | Change Of Life | Fear Of Speaking

Dispelling myths on this under valued therapy, it has been used for good (and not so good) for centuries and was even approved by Doctors in the late 1800's but was sidelined by the government at the time to remain a "Private therapy" since then it's benefits seem to have been forgotten by Doctors in general.

In this talk I cover what Hypnosis is and what it definitely isnt!

The benefits in applying it to conditions such a chronic pain and Anxiety, what rapport is and how it is central in getting the results for the client.

And rounding odd with a live demonstration. Please note I am based In Norfolk and any talk requested outside a 50 mile radius will be priced as talk fee + expenses

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