Can Korea ever be re-united ?

Michael Hindley

Paid: Negotiable plus 2nd class rail as expenses
16th April 2017

Korea has been divided by the superpowers & is the epicentre of international tension. But how did this come about ? How have North & South developed differently & can they ever be reunited ? Michael has visited both North & South & been a guest lecturer at Daegu University, South Korea. He has also been a guest lecturer in East Asia for Cunard Cruise Lines

About Michael Hindley

BA (Hons) German & French Studies (London & West Berlin Universities) MA Comparative Culture Studies (Lancaster University) Post Graduate Diploma in International Law (University of South Wales)

MEP for Lancashire East (1984-1999) District & County Councillor

Adviser on International Trade Adviser to European Economic & Social Committee (EESC) Consultant on International Relations for European Commission, Council of Europe & International Trade Centre, UN, Geneva

Guest Lecturer for Noble Caledonia & Cunard Cruise Lines.

Guest lecturer at several universities, Georgetown, Washington DC, Daegu, South Korea & most recently Gottingen, Germany and Kiev, Ukraine

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