Being a Charity trustee - what does that mean?

David Saunders

East Midlands
Notice Period:
Regular (more than one month's notice)
Paid: £50
13th April 2017
Charity | Rotary

The Charity Commission is really concerned that many trustees just don't understand what their role is, many don't even know they are trustees. The Commission says there is a tremendous ‘need for trustees to get a real grip on their duties and do the basics better.’ The Commission is very concerned that trustees do not understand their role and the updated guide for trustees (The Essential Trustee) gives a clear message of what is now expected from you.

This is a condensed course to help you to discharge your duties, be more aware of your liabilities and show you how to deal with conflicts of interest.

Delivered by a Charity Advisor this one hour session will enable you to understand the charity sector and discharge your duties fully.

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About David Saunders

Retired Police Officer (Traffic, Police Air Observer) and with wide experience representing at Hearings, Appeals and Tribunals opposing barristers and solicitors.

Experience as a senior manager of an award winning charity.

Now employed as a full time Charity Advisor.

Experienced Chairman, Secretary and Charity Trustee.

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