Outer Hebrides/Orkneys & Shetland (Lerwick area) – Touring Wild camping & Archeological sites

Patrick Lomasney

South West
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15th January 2022
Outer Hebrides | Orkneys | Shetland | Scotland

Touring with our motorhome wild camping for 2 weeks from Skye to Lochmaddy then touring N & S Uist then to barra touring using our Tandem. Then back to Harris & Lwewis touring the whole island visiting crofts, standing stones, stone age dwellings then ferry back from Stornaway to Ullapool. Orkneys - ferry from Scrabstar to Stromness then wild camping while touring the whole island over 2 weeks seeing iron age, viking &,north men dwellings & lots of burial mounds standing stone, with trips to other islands by ferry & touring with our tandem. Shetlands visited by cruise ship for 2 days toured Lerwick & Scalloway.

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About Patrick Lomasney

Travel Talks by Patrick Lomasney (Claverham) tel 01934834510 www pblomasney@tiscali.co.uk. Within 3o miles of Yatton BS49 4LH.

I am retired; most dates are OK, subject to holidays & meetings. I also have a Laptop, Projector, Stand and screen (if required). I have a strong voice & am used to giving talks to 10 up to 200 persons in small room or large halls.

Can stand in at short notice if speaker unavailable. (Minimum fee £20 for Alzheimer Society Wife has Dementia). ½ Hr to 1 Hr Power Point slide & advice, available for presentation`s listed below.

Covering Northern Hemisphere USA, Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Scottish islands, Isle of Scilly, Ascension, Scandinavia, most of Europe by motorhome, Malta & Atllantic, Baltic & River Cruises (UK / EU), all completed by my Wife & I over 50 years.

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