Creation of Recycled Products

Jane Walker

Purple Community Fund
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6th April 2017
  • Jane's background, family business, market trading, corporate employment
  • Why make products from waste - the need
  • How we thought of the ideas
  • How we trained and developed a work force
  • Changes the commercial contracts made for charity and the workforce
  • Setting up small businesses
  • New products and the new business model
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About Jane Walker

In 2002, Jane Walker started two charities, one in the UK to raise funds for a charity she started in the Philippines. Jane has developed highly successful poverty reduction programs for disenfranchised communities in some of the worst slums in Manila.

Following her fantastic work, she was awarded an MBE in 2009 and won the Woman of the Year UK award in 2010.

When the charity established local financial support, Jane handed over the day to day management of the Philippine charity in 2015 to the local board of trustees and CEO.

Jane remains the CEO for the Purple Community Fund, a charity that provides social enterprise projects for socially vulnerable people living in the UK and internationally. She and her team continues to support and work with PCF Philippines and has expanded the international arm of the charity to work in Pakistan and Tanzania and has several small projects working with refugees and women in prison in the UK.

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