Mysteries of Japan

Denise Howe

Paid: £50 (up to 11/2 hrs) plus expenses
20th April 2017
Adventure Travel | International | Japan | Art

Denise has a long history in Martial Arts (British Karate Team) and has made many visits to Japan to study the Language and Arts - this talk involves examining a wealth of artefacts (and the chance to dress in Kimono, if you wish!!)

We discuss the rituals and rules of the culture as well as everday life and changes in the last 100 years.

Do they only eat raw fish? Is it true they started Karaoke? How is a sword made? Is a Geisha really what she seems?

The list goes on........ and the talk/slide show/film can be created as a bespoke presentation to suit your audience.

With 40+ years in Education, I am used to talking to a wide variety of audiences - and on a wide variety of subjects (browse below) to keep your audience engaged and encourage interaction

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