The Wonder of Bees

Richard Rickitt

A to Bee
Professional, Bussiness-to-business, and charity organisations
Paid: £50 plus travel expenses
12th March 2017
Bees | Beekeeping | Nature | Science And Nature

Discover the incredible world of the honey bee - one of the highest lifeforms on Earth - in this inspiring, fact-filled talk from an experienced professional beekeeper.

Lasting approximately one hour, this lively, illustrated presentation introduces the fascinating lifestyle of the honey bee; how it lives, dies, reproduces, makes honey and wax, and communicates using the most complex form of language after our own. Eveything about these incredible creatures is fascinating, awe-inspiring, and quite often simply mind-boggling!

Audiences will learn the extraordinary effort that goes into producing one teaspoon of honey, or enough wax for a candle, as well as other materials that are used by craftsmen and scientists to create a range of eveyday products. The talk will reveal how important bees are to our environment and food supply, and what dangers they face in the modern world.

This talk is frequently praised by organisations as being amongst the most fascinating and enjoyable they have ever had. It is a good idea to leave plenty of time for questions.

About Richard Rickitt

After a London-based career in film and television, Richard Rickitt moved to Wiltshire where he took up beekeeping as a hobby - and became hooked!

He now runs a small beekeeping business that produces honey and honey related foods, as well as beeswax skincare products.

Richard also runs A to Bee, providing team-building expereinces in which groups of professionals get to meet the bees and discover what the superorganism of the beehive can teach us about leadership, communication, planning and other aspects of business organisation.

He teaches beekeeping courses and is the editor of the Honey Bee Times, the journal of Wilthire Beekeeper's Association.

He is Deputy Edior of Bee Craft, the national beekeeping magazine and the author of several books.

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