The Magic of Science

Tony Griffith

Professional - hobby
Paid: Bristol area £50 plus travel. Outside Bristol area negoitable
11th March 2017
Education | Entertainment | Humour | Nostalgia

When Tony retired from the teaching profession he devised The Magic of Science show which he has presented to primary and secondary schools in the UK.

During his talk Tony will show you some of the fun items from the show and recount some of the amusing experiences he encountered as a teacher.

You will leave Tony's talk wanting to try out some of the ideas you will have seen on your children and grandchildren

Tony is the author of Science Fun. His recent book The Magic of Science contains many of the items in his talk.

Before he retired from the teaching profession Tony was Head Teacher of a primary school in North Somerset

About Tony Griffith

Tony's talk is called ART OF THE MAGICIAN. It is a visual talk presentation that explores various aspects of the magician's art in an entertaining way.

As well as showing some of the 'tricks of the trade' Tony will talk about some of the famous magicians of yesteryear. (See for more details)

Tony has a background in education including the Headship of a primary school. His MAGIC OF SCIENCE show has been presented to primary and secondary schools throughout the U.K.

He has performed his magic for some of the UK's leading companies at trade shows and other corporate events.

He has entertained and lectured throughout the U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the U.K.


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