Wiltshire's Little Folk, the history of Pelham Puppets

John Jameson-Davis

JamesonD Handwriting Specialist
South West
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Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Paid: £60.00 an hour plus travel unless via Zoom
8th June 2021

The story of how Bob Pelham started up the world famous (now highly collectable) Pelham Puppets in Marlborough.

I use a Powerpoint presentation to illustrate my talk, showing many of the wonderful, colourful puppets made from the late 1940s until the 1980s.

Pelham Puppets was the largest employer in Marlborough at one time, employing hundreds of people both in the factory and as home workers.

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About John Jameson-Davis

Born and bred in Bournemouth, where I first fell in love with Pelham Puppets, I moved to Dorchester in 1994 and later to Wiltshire, home of Pelham Puppets, where I still live and my puppets live with me. I became interested in handwriting in the 1970s and trained professionally at the turn of the century. I am qualified as a Questioned Document examiner.

My work mainly entails the examination of questioned signatures but I am also asked to look at questioned handwriting, dates and figures.

My most unusual assignment was to trace the author of an abusive message scrawled with a blade on the bonnet of a car.

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