One Day in May - the need for a disaster management system

David McCaddon

North West
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6th June 2021
Crime | Disaster | Computing

The Bradford City stadium fire was the worst fire disaster in the history of English football. It occurred during a league match in front of record numbers of spectators, on Saturday, 11th May 1985, killing 56 and injuring at least 265. David was involved with West Yorkshire Police in the investigation and the subsequent design/development of CRISIS the UK’s first Casualty Bureau and Identification System. This talk looks at how the disaster inspired the development of CRISIS which was subsequently used to assist in a number of major disasters including the Herald of Free Enterprise ferry at Zeebrugge and the Pan Am 103 disaster at Lockerbie.

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About David McCaddon

David McCaddon is an award winning playwright and author of modern Crime thriller novels. Before retiring in 2017 to concentrate on his crime writing David was an IT systems consultant who had worked in computing for over 46 years and spent the past 34 years specialising in Law Enforcement Systems Development across Police, Prisons and Courts. His work has involved him designing and developing systems throughout a large number of the UK’s Police forces and worldwide. He now devotes most of his time as a guest speaker and author. His Crime Trilogy books “Following Digital Footprints”, “In Digital Pursuit” and "The Final Footprint" which are actually set in the North West have been published and are detective thrillers with a difference. His latest crime thriller "A Question of Time" was published on the 31st March 2021.

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