Britain in the 1940's

Paul Robbins BSc (Hons) BA, ISEB Cert Cons Services PHF SpeakerNet Sponsor

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24th April 2022

Britain in the 1940’s is a unique presentation as it focuses on the lives of ordinary British people during the 2nd World War. Talks about this decade often focus on the military campaigns and events that determined the outcome of the war.

This talk examines the lives of ordinary people in Britain and their daily struggle for survival during the 1940's. Paul's presentation examines how people reacted to the blitz, the evacuation of mothers and children from their homes , years of rationing and the dark years of uncertainty.

Paul Robbins explains how even entertainment, popular culture and the news we read or heard, were shaped by the desperate fight for survival. Take a glimpse back to the era of Anderson shelters, sweet rations and the bombing of our Towns and Cities. At the same time enjoy some of the wonderful movies of the era and how there was a hidden and subtle message in many of them.

Moving, informative and entertaining was how this talk was recently described. Britain in the 1940's is one of a series of talks presented by Paul Robbins in his "Step Back in Time" programme of memorable presentations.

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About Paul Robbins BSc (Hons) BA, ISEB Cert Cons Services PHF

Paul Robbins BSc (Hons) BA, ISEB Cert, PHF is a highly experienced Presenter, Historian and Author. Paul was recently featured on National TV when he spoke about Sir Winston Churchill, the subject of one of his most popular presentations. Paul presents a series of Historical talks called "Step Back in Time" which have delighted clubs throughout the UK including U3A, Rotary, Probus, WI, Oddfellows, Masonic groups as well as Historical groups and societies.

If you are looking for a highly knowledgeable and entertaining speaker who enthralls audiences then why not contact Paul for further information - see below for contact details.

Paul's Great British Eccentrics talk brought this comment. "Your talk last week was VERY well received. One member said he had tears of laughter running down his cheeks by the end". It was also recently featured in the Frost magazine following on from a highly appreciated talk to a U3A club! You can see this review on the following link;

One of Paul's other talks , You Stupid Boy - The story of the Home Guard during World War 2 from his step back in time series was recently described by another group as "The best talk I've ever heard!"

Paul has over 40 years experience of public speaking! He is happy to offer a free no obligation demonstration of his talks and provide feedback from all of his range of Presentations from previous delighted audiences .

Paul is equally entertaining when doing virtual talks, so as long as your members have a PC they can still be entertained for an hour or so from the comfort of their own homes! All of the talks are fully illustrated which adds to enjoyment. Paul also offers Hybrid Zoom calls where he entertains groups at different locations. Zoom has the added bonus of significantly reduced costs for groups looking for an accomplished speaker.

What makes Paul’s talks so different, is that a lot of the content of the talks is not commonly known. Paul makes each talk enjoyable and informative. His "King Edward v111" presentation reveals secrets of the relationship between Edward and Wallis Simpson that regularly shocks audiences.

Most of the talks Paul delivers last around 40 - 50 minutes, with extra time set aside for questions at the end but they can longer or shorter to meet your own specific requirements. Paul stays as long as you need him to ensure 100% satisfaction for his audiences.

Here's just a few of the great comments Paul has received about his talks.

"You are a talented and brilliant presenter!

"What a great talk. So well presented and so interesting I did not know about some of the incidents you mentioned. Wonderful archive film too. Thank you so much will call on you again"

"Thanks, Paul, for a wonderful talk, as always".

" Paul Robbins did a great job this afternoon. We had about 38 attendees who all appreciated his professionalism and the high standard of his presentation. Brilliant and one of the best speakers we have had for some while."

" We all enjoyed your talk on Wednesday and look forward to the next one".

The following gives you further details on just some of Paul’s current talks that combine great subject matter, humour, with a natural love of History.

Great British Eccentrics The life of Sir Winston Churchill Jack the Ripper the Whitechapel Murderer "The East End of London and the Cockneys". Including a free lesson in how to speak Cockney Rhyming Slang! "You Stupid boy" The story of Britain's Home Guard. "You never had it so good" A look back at the news, lifestyle and culture of the 1950's. " The English Civil War" "Britain in the 1970's" "The life of King Edward the 8th" " A decade of Change" Life in 1960's Britain. And the recently added; "Her Majesty the Queen" a celebration of a unique Monarch

If you would like further information, and you use Gmail then please contact Paul at;

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or just phone on 07548915284.

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