Dawn Patrol - Air Combat Over the Western Front 1914-18

Tim Barney

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17th March 2022
Military History | Aviation | Educational | History

Where there is no precedent, pioneers are forced to make up the game as they go along. The early history of aerial warfare was a classic example of this process, at once comical, frustrating and tragic. The Great War was the first conflict in which aviation played a major role, and at first no-one was quite sure how to go about it. This talk describes the many perils of military aviation in the early days, and discusses some of the larger-than-life characters and inspired inventions that within a few short years, were to transform air combat from an eccentric charade into a deadly serious contest.

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by military history and technology, and like any enthusiast, I’ve always wanted to share my passion with the people around me. Following a career in the IT industry, I now have the opportunity to pass on some of the amazing facts and stories I’ve come upon over the years. As you will discover when you book one of my talks, military history is definitely NOT just for military history fans!

My talks are designed to appeal to men and women from every walk of life. A little technical jargon is sometimes unavoidable, but don’t worry, I always translate this into everyday language! I am always keen to take questions afterwards.

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