Cornwall - Stunning images & Fascinating Facts

John Burgess

South West
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22nd February 2021

Cornwall is a beautiful and mysterious place anchored to the edge of England and surrounded by the vast Atlantic Ocean. It is a place of legends, of ancient customs and proud traditions. A place with hundreds of saints, where almost every village has one. Wherever you go in Cornwall you are never far from the sea. The sea has always been the county's greatest asset, from fishing to the ships wrecked on its savage coastline and from the thousands of visitors attracted to its wild surf today. The old industrial heartland is dotted with remnants of mine buildings. Memorials to the time when Cornwall was the mining centre of the world. This is Cornwall and a thousand other things too. My illustrated talk takes you on tour of this glorious county that captured my heart many years ago.

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About John Burgess

I was born in Somerset and grew up on the Quantock hills where my 'life long' love of the countryside first took root. This love has never left me. I have enjoyed a varied career including ten years as a graphic designer with the Exmoor National Park. The most unbelievable and thoroughly rewarding career change was joining BBC Radio as a freelance journalist and producer. Being part of the BBC, the great British institution that it is, was a proud and thrilling experience. Working on the national network was challenging but always exciting and I loved it. I also loved it when I joined BBC local radio in Devon and produced programmes about the countryside, farming and village life. Throughout my BBC career I have interviewed hundreds of fascinating people. I still can't hang up my microphone. I now work as an oral history consultant for various projects and with people who simply want to record their lifetime memories. During the past couple of years I have teamed up with a photographer friend to research, write and publish a series of guide books covering Somerset Devon and Cornwall.

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