Your brand is your compass

Tim Elliott

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13th October 2020
Brand | Brand Strategy | Brand Story | Brand Purpose

This talk is all about brand strategy and if you have clarity on your brand your leadership team will be aligned, your customers will become fans, you will attract the right employees, create great experiences and be able to tell stories.

The guiding principle in this talk is - 'Y our brand is a compass it always guides you to your true north'

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About Tim Elliott

Hello and let me introduce myself.

I have over 23 years working in the creative industries in marketing specifically. Over which time I have had the opportunity to have strategic-level conversations with leaders and entrepreneurs from many different industries.

This has given me valuable experience and ideas to share to help great companies grow.

I can provide talks on strategy, storytelling, brand, marketing, purpose and experience design all designed to be educational and inspirational.

I deliver online workshops, lecture and talks regularly and am happy to do so and facilitate if needed.

My usual audience is leadership groups and entrepreneurs who are looking to move their organisations forward.

I am also happy to compare and host panels if required. Please feel free to reach out anytime

Thanks, Tim Elliott

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