Beatrix Potter: Artist, Scientist, Storyteller, Farmer, and Conservationist

Anney Harris

West Midlands
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8th October 2020
19Th Century | 20Th Century | Children's Books | Conservation

Beatrix Potter was a remarkable and many talented Victorian. My illustrated talk tells of her privileged childhood in Kensington, the flowering of her creative abilities and how the famous Peter Rabbit books came to be published, her long struggle for independence and eventual move to the Lake District, where she became Mrs Heelis, the successful sheep farmer and ardent supporter of the aims of the National Trust. If you thought you already knew all about her, I can guarantee that you will come away from my talk with some new insights and probably a few amusing stories.

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About Anney Harris

For 30 years I worked as a professional librarian in a wide variety of organisations, from stately homes to a prison library including for two public library authorities. I co-founded the Beatrix Potter Society in 1980, having worked for 5 years as Librarian of the National Book League ( now the Book Trust), then custodians of the Linder Collection of original watercolours, drawings and first editions by Beatrix Potter. During that time I helped curate the first exhibition of her original material to be taken to New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

I have given talks about Beatrix Potter to widely differing audiences many times during my working life, both here and in the USA, and since my retirement. Most recently this year I have given several well received talks to WI meetings on Zoom. I would be delighted to entertain your group and share my knowledge about this many talented writer. As you'll see, she certainly wasn't at all like the image of Beatrix Potter portrayed by Rene Zelwegger!

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