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East of England
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30th April 2021
Ww2 Codebreaking Turing Enigma | Enigma Bletchley Park

A brief history of Bletchley Park, some of its occupants and what they did there.

Hear about the need that all nations had for secrecy, whether for commercial (business) purposes, or for military purposes. Discover the differences between codes and ciphers. Learn about the way that Britain undertook the interception and breaking of the codes and ciphers.

Find out how the unusual place called Bletchley Park came into existence with regard to codebreaking in World War II. Hear about some of the eccentric personalities who were called to serve there. Just about everyone has heard of the Enigma machine by now however, you may be surprised when you hear about its invention and inception. Learn about the way it was cracked and the bombe machines that helped to do so.

This presentation can, in the time allowed, only be a brief look at the history and complexities of Bletchley Park, its personnel and the Enigma machine. But it my presentation whets your appetite, please ask for a list of further reading and viewing on the subject after my talk.

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About Mike Wabe

My work history is 29 years a police officer, followed by 4 years as a manager for Autoglass, then by 10 years as a prison officer and ending with 3 years as an Inclusion Manager in a secondary school. I am now a Town Crier, a wedding Toastmaster, run my own murder mystery business and have been a speaker for over 14 years. My website (www.medievalworld.org.uk) gives details of the talks and presentations I can offer.

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