Warrior Nation - Memorable British Battles of the Last Millennium

Tim Barney

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24th May 2021
Military History | History | Educational | British History

Do you remember how boring History lessons used to be at school? If the answer to this question is yes, then you need to hear my talk ‘Warrior Nation’! The two parts explore the context, conduct and consequences of a number of British battles old and new, and will be appreciated by anyone who is interested in the ups and downs of Britain’s past, or just enjoys an exciting story. The battles, familiar and unfamiliar, triumphs and disasters, are presented as complimentary pairs, which offers a fresh historical perspective (40 mins + 40 mins)

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About Tim Barney

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by military history and technology, and like any enthusiast, I’ve always wanted to share my passion with the people around me. Following a career in the IT industry, I now have the opportunity to pass on some of the amazing facts and stories I’ve come upon over the years. As you will discover when you book one of my talks, military history is definitely NOT just for military history fans!

My talks are designed to appeal to men and women from every walk of life. A little technical jargon is sometimes unavoidable, but don’t worry, I always translate this into everyday language!

The talks fall into two categories: stand-alone single part talks, and two part talks: these consist of two sections which can be booked individually, or together as a single longer talk. See under individual talks below for timings. If you are interested in a particular talk, but require more information, or would like to discuss other options to suit your requirements, then please do contact me.

All the talks are illustrated with PowerPoint slides. I have my own projector, table and screen, but I’ll happily use your equipment if it’s already in place. If a face-to-face meeting is not possible for some reason, I can deliver all my talks online, using Zoom or any other preferred platform. I am always keen to take questions afterwards.

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