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Martin Jones

North West
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Paid: £45 plus a contribuion to travel from Ormskirk
22nd May 2020

My uncle was very keen in preserving things relating to history including heritage steam trains, buses, canals and heritage ie Old Mills/Museums. He filmed away days coach trips. to many interesting places. All the information he recorded on video camera to which he added a commentary. All were recorded during the 1990's There are 50 + films which have been transferred to DVD. The idea of the talk is for groups to choose from a list of what they might like to see so it is called 'OUR DAY OUT.' Presentation can last between 45/60 minutes. For further information please email me at jonesmartin566@gmail,.com.

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About Martin Jones

I present a talk entitled ‘The Man Who Shod War Horses’. I am interested in the human side of WW1 and the family history. This true story tells about a village Blacksmith who signed up for war at the age of 42 as a Blacksmith/Farrier and gave his life for King and Country. The story, by power point,is based on original letters and documents. Section 1 tells of how and were the letters were found, Section 2. Family history from 1851/1913. Section 3 WW1 activities and Section4 concludes with information on how the family coped after the war with the loss of a Father and Husband. All fees from talks donated to Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

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