Mostly Murder 3 - Murder, Kidnap & Rape

Les Bolland

East of England
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4th May 2020
Police | True Crime | Murder

This talk starts with the arrest of the The Clash pop group for minor thefts and then takes on more serious issues and covers a serial rapist and murderer who took many years to bring to justice, This story has so many twists and turns that if it was a novel or screenplay it would not be believable. It also deals with the kidnap of a woman and her safe recovery. This talk finishes with another murder case.

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About Les Bolland

I am a retired Detective Superintendent of the Hertfordshire Constabulary with over 30 years experience of major crimes. I give a number of different talks on the major crimes I have been involved in over the course of my service. These include murder (including serial killers), kidnap, terrorism and others. My talks are illustrated and I have my own portable projector equipment.

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