The Power of Laughter

Linda Nightingale

Healthy Holistic Happiness CIC
East Midlands
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Paid: £70 + fuel outside 20 miles
16th March 2020
Wellbeing | Mental Health | Stress Relief | Uplifting

"No doubt most people have heard the adage that 'Laughter is the Best Medicine' but how much do we really know about just how powerfully positive laughter can be for our health and mental wellbeing?

Yes, laughter lifts our mood, that's something most will understand quite easily but how aware are you about all its other wonderful properties?

In this interactive session l'll introduce you to how becoming a therapeutic laughter practitioner has not only enhanced but also totally transformed my life and does so daily for me and thousands of people worldwide.

Becoming a Laughter Yoga Leader helped me so much to deal with my stress, my physical pain and much more; so I went on to become not only a 1-2-1 Laughter Coach and Therapist but also a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Teacher . Like other Laughter Yoga Leaders worldwide, I love to share the amazing benefits and see the changes it brings about for people.

Laughter Yoga is a unique, simple and fun exercise, usually done within a group, which combines effective but simple deep-breathing exercises - the yogic element - gentle movement, games, laughter and so much more. It can seem a bit 'different' the first time you try it but I promise you'll feel your mood raise, stress melting away and be much more relaxed by the end of the session. What have you got to lose hearing this? Not a lot but I promise you, there's a great deal to gain! I really look forward to sharing the Power of Laughter with you all."

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About Linda Nightingale

Having had to leave my career with a major health charity to become a carer for my very poorly daughter and husband and being totally immersed in this for years, ten years on, having taken a degree, I eventually went on to train as an an Holistic Therapist. This took me twice as long as it might have re family hospitalisations etc but I got there in the end. I started working for myself part-time from home around my family's needs.
As time passed, as I was only able to treat a few people a week re family needs and my own deteriorating health, I found myself becoming lower in energy and feeling as if I'd lost my former confident and 'bubbly' personality and I wanted something to help me deal with this. 14 years after becoming a carer, I heard about this 'thing' called Laughter Yoga and realised that as I was always trying to make my family laugh in order to lift their mood, I should to train as a Laughter Yoga Leader, which I went on to do. Initially this was really to give me back my 'bubble', to help me deal with pain I was experiencing from the Arthritis, Fibromyalgia etc and to support me with the mental strains of being a 24/7 carer.

The amazing benefits of uplift, pain relief etc had such a profoundly positive effect on my own health - I eventually ditched the 2 sticks I was using to aid my walking & on which I'd arrived for my training - and that of family members and friends that I went on to train as a one-to-one Coach & later as a Laughter Yoga Leader Teacher. Laughter Yoga has been a huge catalyst in my life and through it, I really felt like 'me' again. I began to raise my self-worth, regain my confidence, reignite my resilience and see myself not only as a carer for others but someone in her own right again. In time I carried on to train as a Mindfulness Teacher, a Happiness Coach ie I support people to deal with stress, anxiety, build their self-worth and confidence using tools such as neuro & behavioural science, positive psychology, creativity, mindfulness and much more.

I absolutely LOVE what I do and I especially love to see people blossom and dissolve their stress when they begin to realise that they can help themselves using the knowledge and tools I share with them. I feel very blessed that I've been able to build a new career out of helping myself and my family when facing adversity and I'm now able to help others do the same. Life's always throwing us curved balls but it also has a way of often turning them around; so they bring the positive right back with them, we just have to be ready to see this.

After around 12 years of being self-employed I set up Healthy Holistic Happiness CIC in August 2019 in order to be able to support those who might be financially, physically or mentally disadvantaged or challenged re supporting themselves as I don't wish to see more and more people become disenfranchised.

I deliver a variety of talks and within each there is an essence of audience participation; so that those present can experience some of the amazing benefits the work I am lucky enough to do offers to all. Please contact me for a chat if you'd like further information. Love, Light & Laughter Linda :)

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