'Orrible Murders!

Nigel Callaghan

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Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Paid: £30 plus travel (over 30 miles)
24th February 2020
Local History | Ceredigion | Cardiganshire | Wales

How did people in England view Cardiganshire in the days before radio, TV and mass travel?

This is a stroll through the English local papers from the 19th century, having a look at what news stories from Cardiganshire made it into their columns.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of it is pretty sensational - floods, gory accidents, suicides , two-headed calves and, yes, even a few 'orrible murders.

The talk can be tailored to include some local references to your area.

With sufficient notice (and for a small extra charge) other rural Welsh counties can be included.

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About Nigel Callaghan

My talks are mainly on local history in Wales, but also on Social/Community businesses.

I've been interested in the history of mid-Wales for many years, and have an MA in Welsh Local History from the University of Wales. I've worked developing various websites for academic and other organisations.

I'm particularly interested in Women's History in Wales, and am currently working on projects about women in the early Salvation Army, and also in the licensed trade (very different!). I've also done research on the activities of Welsh women during WW1.

I also talk about the practical experiences of setting up and running a community business (a shop/cafe/community hub) based on my experience as a director and volunteer with Caffi Cletwr in Ceredigion.

I'm happy to speak in Welsh or English. Yn fodlon i siarad yn y Gymraeg neu Saesneg.

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