How to get a better life in 3 weeks

suzanne morison

CPAP Better Life Now
West Midlands
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inspirational well being
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19th February 2020

My journey from incontinence to freedom Last Taboo suitable for women's groups THE LAST TABOO Women of all ages are making strides in their lives like never before – we really are “Sisters doing it for ourselves”! But there is still one barrier which needs to be broken down and for women to talk about. Those annoying leaks, dribbles and accidents which happen when we laugh, sneeze or exercise. I bought the BTL Emsella Chair as I was becoming increasingly isolated and anxious. The results were so astonishing, I wanted to help other women with similar issues have a “Better Life Now” and knew with this revolutionary treatment that I could.

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About suzanne morison

My journey from incontinence to freedom . I am 72 years old and had severe problems with incontinence effecting my life style. I want to tell people how they can change there lives round and give them the freedom they deserve.

My talk is funny and inspirational

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