The Amazing Art Collection at Kingston Lacy House, Dorset

Julian Black

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22nd February 2021
Art History | Paintings | History Culture | National Trust

Kingston Lacy House in Dorset has possibly the greatest private art collection in the U.K. including paintings by Rubens, Titian, Tintoretto, Brueghel, Velasquez, van Dyck, and many more. This talk explains how the collections comes to be at a country house in rural Dorset, now owned by the National Trust. Every picture tells a story - literally and some of the stories are quite extraordinary including links to royal families in Britain and Spain, to Lord Byron and evening the threat of being hanged for a serious offence. I’d love to share this with you either in person when it is permitted or via Zoom during these strange times!

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About Julian Black

My background is as an art historian and as a guide at Kingston Lacy House, the beautiful National Trust property in Dorset. I have researched the history of the house and its original owners, the Bankes family, and now enjoy telling their extraordinary story either as a 1 hour talk or as a shorter after dinner talk. I also have a new talk all about the amazing art collection at Kingston Lacy. Both talks are fully illustrated - so I need a projector and screen (or I can supply my own). You will not be disappointed - in fact you will will almost certainly want to pay a visit to both Kingston Lacy and Corfe Castle as soon as you can arrange it! I'd love to come and share these great stories with you in person when it is permissible or via Zoom during these strange times!

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