The Wood Wide Web

Chris Hurst

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19th January 2020
Trees | Soil | Fungi | Sustainability

The fascinating close and long-term relationship between a plant and a fungus (symbiotic).

Virtually all trees and plants rely on the exchange of nutrients with the complex network of soil microorganisms known as the soil food web. One particular type of fungus (mycorrhizal) plays an amazing part in this - they are the food transportation system of the soil.

In the case of one particular fungi it is the largest living being on the Earth. It isn't only nutrients that they carry; they are the reason why, when you put one foot into woodland the trees on the opposite side of the woodland know that you are there. This has led to them being nicknamed the 'Wood Wide Web'.

Find out the dark secrets of life amongst the roots.

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About Chris Hurst

A qualified Permaculture designer and teacher, I have grown and preserved my own food, foraged and made my own herbal remedies for most of my life. Experienced in working with the land, into regenerative agriculture and re-wilding. I design edible gardens and teach workshops and courses in Permaculture, growing and preserving food and traditional crafts.

Passionate about

  • The natural environment
  • Biodiversity
  • Edible plants
  • Food security
  • Self-suffiency
  • Educating and passing on knowledge to those who want (need) it

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