An Alien World at our Feet

Chris Hurst

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19th January 2020
Soil | Environmental | Permaculture | Sustainability

We spend billions of pounds on the exploration of space but still cannot identify everything that is in our soils. Chemists have spent centuries prying into the chemical components of soil, but there are numerous molecules within it that they have no idea of what they are.

The things that live in soil are essential to its health and therefore essential to human life, they can also be extremely weird and wonderful and are often mistaken for pests. In many instances they look like Aliens.

Explore this wonderful world and learn about its characters and how to cultivate them.

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About Chris Hurst

A qualified Permaculture designer and teacher, I have grown and preserved my own food, foraged and made my own herbal remedies for most of my life. Experienced in working with the land, into regenerative agriculture and re-wilding. I design edible gardens and teach workshops and courses in Permaculture, growing and preserving food and traditional crafts.

Passionate about

  • The natural environment
  • Biodiversity
  • Edible plants
  • Food security
  • Self-suffiency
  • Educating and passing on knowledge to those who want (need) it

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