Soil Matters

Chris Hurst

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19th January 2020
Permaculture | Soil | Sustainability | Environmental

Everything that you didn't know that you needed to know about soil. The Earth's dynamic skin.

Considered a non-renewable resource, In temperate climates, it can take 1,000 years to create an inch-wide layer of soil and thousands more for it to acquire the necessary minerals from parent rock/organic matter to create fertility.

Understanding soil is central to getting the most from our land.

Best not kill it in the first place Saving our Soils How Soils support life on Earth Soils in our Garden How to Regenerate your Soil

This talk can be adapted to suit the needs of your particular group.

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About Chris Hurst

A qualified Permaculture designer and teacher, I have grown and preserved my own food, foraged and made my own herbal remedies for most of my life. Experienced in working with the land, into regenerative agriculture and re-wilding. I design edible gardens and teach workshops and courses in Permaculture, growing and preserving food and traditional crafts.

Passionate about

  • The natural environment
  • Biodiversity
  • Edible plants
  • Food security
  • Self-suffiency
  • Educating and passing on knowledge to those who want (need) it

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