Building a World Class Team

James Bargeron

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Life Skills
14th January 2020
Business | Leadership | Mindset | Motivation

In this talk, I share the key elements required to build a truly world class team that build engagement and productivity and cultivates leaders to become a R.E.A.L. success, no matter what area of business you are in.

The main areas of the R.E.A.L. formula are:

● Relationships ● Equipping others ● Attitude ● Leadership

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About James Bargeron

James Bargeron is a performance specialist, who helps professionals and organisations develop a culture of high performance and a mindset of success.  For more than three decades, he has been in the arena of high performance and positions of leadership, having worked with individuals and organisations that not only perform, but thrive under pressure, in the oil industry both in London and the USA.

James has shared on occasions, his own experiences of the challenges, physical and mental, in working in high pressure environments, in particular the collateral damage that ensued following the financial crisis that destroyed many companies and businesses in the financial markets. It took him through a rollercoaster of mental challenges, whilst trying to hold together the only thing he was left with…. His family.

He now speaks on topics to enhance performance and wellbeing both personally and professionally, and the psychological barriers that prevent professionals and organisations from reaching their potential. He has spoken across the UK, in Belgium and the USA.

With his straight talking, no fluff style, one of his most talked about speech's is based on his own personal experiences ‘Why People Fail’, which highlights the challenges many of us face and gives the audience simple and easy to understand strategies to implement, at the same time inspiring them to take control and master their thinking, their mindset and their choices.

Speaking and training topics include:

● Why People Fail

● Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

● Building a World Class Team

● Developing a Culture of High Performance

● Performing Under Pressure

● The Modern Leader - becoming a person of positive influence

● The Corporate Athlete

● Everyone’s Communicating But Few Are Really Connecting


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