'Pops & Me!' - Life with an Assistance Hearing Dog

Joanna Jones

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
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11th January 2020

Most people know what a Guide Dog does, but people often wonder what a trained and registered Hearing Dog does! I'm deaf and so I don’t hear sound like alarm clocks, door bells, or smoke detectors, but my Hearing Dog ‘Pops’ has been trained to alert me to these, and when I’m out and about, his smart uniform is a visible symbol of a disability that’s not obvious. Through my talks I share insights into the amazing work these dogs do, as well as weaving in humorous stories of 'Life with a Hearing Dog'. My talks last for approximately 40 minutes, followed by a 'Q&A' time. I use slides to illustrate, and bring my own laptop & projector, so all I need at the venue is a screen or blank wall on which to project.

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About Joanna Jones

Joanna is an experienced speaker and quickly engages groups of all sizes. She has been invited to address national and local conferences on mental health matters, has led day and residential Christian themed retreats, and has spoken at numerous local groups including Women’s Institutes, schools and community groups. She is currently available as an interesting speaker about the wonderful charity ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’. On meeting Joanna, you probably wouldn’t realise she is deaf as she communicates skilfully, and if you invite her to speak, you’ll get ‘2 for 1’ as her Assistance Dog always accompanies her! He is a good-natured spaniel who has been trained as a Hearing Dog, and endears himself to all audiences. Joanna seamlessly weaves in memorable tales of life with a Hearing Dog, while enlightening audiences about the skilful work these amazing Assistance Dogs do.

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