Chernobyl: Causes, consequences and solutions

Sarah Westmacott

West Midlands
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30th November 2019
Chernobyl | Nuclear Disaster | Sarcophagus | Radioactivity

The causes of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster are explained step-by-step, including the three types of nuclear radiation, how a nuclear reactor should work and some of its safety features. Then the immediate aftermath for the workers, local residents and Russian politicians, and attempts to clean up and contain the reactor are discussed, including Chernobyl’s original sarcophagus. Finally, the new sarcophagus’ design features and the future robotic dismantling of reactor 4 are explained, and an overview of modern “dark tourism” at Chernobyl is given.

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About Sarah Westmacott

I am a Science teacher specialising in Physics but with a real passion for geology, industrial archeology, radioactivity and beekeeping. I’m an energetic and enthusiastic speaker who gives clear and concise explanations with a professional PowerPoint presentation.

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