Honey bees: Their behaviour, their life-cycle and how not to keep them

Sarah Westmacott

West Midlands
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30th November 2019
Beekeeping | Honey Bees | Bees

I tell the story of my first forays into beekeeping, with a humorous account of the many mistakes that I made, before introducing the life-cycle of honey bees, what makes a queen different, foraging, dances, castes of bee and swarming. I explain the factors that have led to the recent decline in honey bee populations, including parasites and diseases. The talk concludes with an account of why my first colony of bees died, and what I have done differently with my current colonies. I bring a display of beekeeping equipment, books, empty comb and parasites (in sealed boxes) for the audience to look at and handle. I also sell hand-rolled beeswax candles (subject to availability).

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About Sarah Westmacott

I am a Science teacher specialising in Physics but with a real passion for geology, industrial archeology, radioactivity and beekeeping. I’m an energetic and enthusiastic speaker who gives clear and concise explanations with a professional PowerPoint presentation.

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