Looking at what we do with a view to doing it better

Rotarian John Pearce (Sutton-in-Ashfield)

Professional Leadership, Rotary, Kenyan Educational Support Trust
Notice Period:
Regular (more than one month's notice)
Rotary, Charity, Hobby
Paid: £50 for the charity Kenyan Educational Trust
Life Skills
21st January 2017
Motivation | Success Planning | Humour | Inspiration

This humorous talk and active session is based on a simple truth. "We all know, deep down, what we need to do to be better, even successful, BUT we often fail to do it."

John will tell the story of how he and his business partner, created a unique process that allows individuals, teams and organisations, to face this truth, think about it - analyse what they need to do and plan to improve whatever they wish.

Even better... you can agree, beforehand, if you want John to focus on something specific e.g. personal health, a hobby, or (if you're feeling inspired ) your organisation's success.

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About Rotarian John Pearce (Sutton-in-Ashfield)

I am happy to offer talks in each of the following areas, with any donations going to the Charity Kenyan Educational Support

Professional First a happy and successful teacher I became adviser and Deputy Chief Inspector for Nottinghamshire in 1990. I went freelance about the time I joined Rotary International in 1995 and have worked in Education Leadership in schools, with the National College and Department of Education. I created The iAbacus www.iabacus.co.uk and that is now my professional focus i.e. developing a "can do" culture in Education & Training, Business, Social Care and Sport & Leisure

Charity My Rotary Community Work and especially Chairing The Kenyan Educational Trust www.kes-charity.co.uk allows me to promote a "can help" culture both locally and for bright, poor students in Kenya.

Hobbies I relax in a range of ways: blacksmithing, sculpture and climbing high mountains, preferably covered in snow. This fits my personal belief in a "can try" approach to life.

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