DNA - A springboard to your Ancestry

Neil Littleales

South East
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20th May 2020
Family History | Ancestry | Dna | Genealogy

Science has revolutionised Genealogy, but do you understand what it means, how it works and what the results of your search might bring.

This talk explores, with simple explanations and examples of Genealogical DNA investigations, the power of DNA and the way in which it can unlock doors and break down walls that have prevented the discovery of long-lost relatives and the histories of your family.

This talk last between 45-60 mins and is presented using a powerpoint presentation.

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About Neil Littleales

I am a happily retired Public Servant who has a passion for history, postage stamps and art. After many years of dabbling in family history I studied for three years with the Institute of Genealogical and Heraldic Studies, Canterbury to gain my research qualifications and I now enjoy helping others to discover their own ancestral journey. I have taken up public speaking to share information that I find enthralling in a hopefully entertaining way and to encourage others to seek hobbies and pastimes that certainly have improved my own quality of mental health. I have been successful in recently passing the Hampshire Women’s Institute speakers audition. I will travel throughout the county of Hampshire and just across the border into areas of Sussex, Dorset and Wiltshire.

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