The Power of the Silent Minute

Tracy Wise

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Paid: £90 - £200
24th November 2019
Ww2 | Esoteric | Conspiracy Theories | Spiritualism

How was silence used as a weapon during World War II as part of the ‘Magical Battle of Britain’ and what impact does it have in the modern world? Underlying themes include the power of collaboration, belief and unity.

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About Tracy Wise

Tracy Wise is a respected author, presenter, lecturer and award winning magician who draws upon her life adventures and reserach to produce energetic, interactive and engaging presentations for those seeking intelligent entertainment whether for corporate events, charity fundraisers or local interest groups.

With over 20 years experience in public speaking, performance and training, Tracy quickly builds rapport with audiences and carries them with her on a journey into the imagination where even the impossible can seem possible. Each presentation is underpinned with themes such as resiliance, wonder, self belief and bringing mystery into history.

A member of the British Society of Entertainers, The Magic Circle, The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals, The Society of Storytellers and Equity.

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