David Shimmings

North West
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Paid: £50 or £30 by Zoom
6th June 2020
1662 | Church History

The creation of the book of Common Prayer over the reigns of Henry VIII to Charles II by way of Oliver Cromwell and the commonwealth. Followed by the creed in paintings.

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About David Shimmings

I am a retired consultant and have created a number of PowerPoint talks on my special interests The talks last between 45 and 60 minutes to fit your requirements

I can present my talks by Zoom. I can host for you or join your meeting as required. The fee is reduced to £30 and the are no expenses or distance restrictions.

The fee for a physical talk is £50
I am willing to travel up to 50 miles from Sale M33

Travel expenses? None up to 25 miles from M33 then 40p per mile

I just need a power socket and screen or white wall i have my own Projector and Laptop.

My Talks are:

1662 AND ALL THAT - the creation of the book of common prayer over the reigns of Henry VIII to Charles II by way of Oliver Cromwell and the commonwealth. Followed by the creed in paintings.

THE LIFE OF CHRIST THROUGH THE EYES OF A SINNER the life story of Caravaggio and his paintings of the life of Jesus

SYRIA - WHEN YOU COULD STILL GO THERE! A 1500 mile photo tour around Syria before it was Ravaged by war.

FROM WORSLEY TO CASTLEFIELD ALONG THE BRIDGEWATER CANAL - the first stretch of the Bridgewater canal and what it looked like then and now.

THE FIRST CANAL - a look at the first canals and then the story of the creation of the Bridgewater canal from Worsley to Manchester and to Runcorn

ODDITIES IN THE CATHEDRALS OF ENGLAND - a photo tour of the Cathedrals concentrating on the unusual bits. (this does not cover the odd bishops or clerics!)

A TURKEY SHOOT - a 2000 mile photo tour around Southern Turkey.

THE CREATION WINDOW AT CHESTER CATHEDRAL - the story behind the millennium window in the refectory at Chester cathedral.

THE SAINTS OF ST MARY’S - a detailed look at the stained glass and paintings in a typical Victorian Church.

WHY CHRISTMAS? - a light-hearted look at why and how we celebrate Christmas and do so at the wrong time of the year.

HOLMAN HUNT AND "THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD" - a look at the life of Holman Hunt and his work. He started "The light of the world" in 1850 and finished in 1904 - why so long?

THE PASSION IN PICTURES - how the passion of Christ from Palm Sunday to the Doubting of Thomas has been shown in art over the ages.

THE MIRACLES OF CHRIST - as seen by artists of all ages.

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