Lt Ted Ward and The Wipers Times

Ruth Imeson Da Silva

East Midlands
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10th November 2019
Ww1 | World War 1 | Comedy | Military History

Lt Ted Ward of the 12th Battalion Sherwood Foresters was one of the Pioneers who created the satirical trench magazine, The Wipers Times, during World War I. Ted's story is told from the existing letters to his parents and includes several extracts from The Wipers Times, including those of the master detective Herlock Shomes.

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About Ruth Imeson Da Silva

I love learning and talking about history. My passion lies with the lives of individual people like you and me. How did they live? Who did they love? What were their daily lives actually like?

Each of my talks tells the story of one person and those who shared their lives. From an Elizabethan exorcist, to a Georgian lady, to a World War One fighter pilot, I bring their stories to life - in their own words.

I have been interviewed several times on the BBC and delivered talks to, amongst others, the U3A, local history societies and the Southwell Poetry Festival.

All talks are illustrated and researched from the original letters, records and diaries of the people concerned.

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