9 reasons most property investors are not financially free

George Choy

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South East
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6th November 2019
Property | Investing | Finance | Retirement

According to a 2019 survey by My Castle Property, 92% of property investors do not earn enough from their properties to retire. (Despite some having sizeable portfolios).

George Choy and Sarah Choy retired when Sarah was only 39 years old.

It took them years to realise why they weren't financially free. They discovered 9 reasons that hold everyone back…and they can teach you too.

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About George Choy

I teach people to become financially free, so they can live their dreams.

George Choy is a Property Investor and Author of RETIRE NOW! Your Blueprint to Financial Freedom Through Property.

Starting with none of their own money, he and his wife Sarah Choy built a property portfolio worth £1.8 million and retired young. They own commercial property, serviced accommodation and buy to let properties. People often describe the couple as "inspirational."

They live with their two young children in Kent.

For more information please visit https://mycastleproperty.co.uk

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