'Foraging Wild food of the British Countryside'

Alysia Vasey

Yorkshire & Humber
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Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Paid: £75 plus expenses if further afield.
21st January 2020
Countryside | Food History | Food | Plants

A humorous look at the edible flora and fauna of the British Countryside, how exotic flavours such as chilli and pineapple have a home in our hedgerows too. A fascinating look at old wives tales and are they really true and relevant still today. how we can turn something ordinary into something that graces the tables of the best fine dining restaurants and how we can rediscover the everyday plants we walk past that are actually quite astonishing. I will take you on a journey of some of the stars of the wild food world that will really astound you.

**please look out for me on James Martin's Morning Show on 30th November 2019 I will be featuring regularly on the show next year **

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About Alysia Vasey

There are not many people who pick weeds for a living and end up making a stellar career out of it! Having a family history of foraging that spans over four family generations, Alysia has become a top wild food, foraging expert with a huge amount of knowledge of the history of plants, the stories, the uses and the development of wild British botanicals . Alysia has created an international gold award winning gin, has developed a range of cordials for a major supermarket. and has appeared on Countryfile Autumn special 2018. Countryfile Inspirational women special 2018, was a contributor for Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace 2019 and is appearing on Countryfile Autumn Diaries 2019. yes thats alot of Countryfile. Alysia has just started filming with James Martin the celebrated TV chef on his own Saturday Morning Show and will be regularly appearing starting with October 30th 2019. Alysia brings to life the world of wild food on our doorstep and provides an amusing, interesting and often educational perspective of the plants we live side by side with. You will never go for a walk again without looking for things.

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