From Rags to Riches to Giving it all Away - the story of Andrew Carnegie, the world's richest man

Jeremy Holmes

South East
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23rd October 2019
Achievement | Business | Philanthropy | America

Andrew Carnegie came from a slum in Dunfermline, Scotland, made his fortune in America as a ruthless steel magnate, then at the start of the 20th century gave it all away by setting up philanthropic foundations all over the world. In his day he was worth more than Bill Gates and earnt so much interest on his wealth that he couldn’t give it away fast enough. This talk explains his rise, his motivations and his unique personal story, in the context of the dramatic industrialisation of America.

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About Jeremy Holmes

Following a decade in the advertising industry (mostly working for Ogilvy & Mather), I ran an international economics consultancy before becoming CEO of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and then taking a senior position in Higher Education. Now semi-retired, I'm a trustee of various charities including the Aylesbury Food Bank, which benefit from some of my speaking engagements.

I was also a trustee of the Carnegie UK Trust (hence my interest in the steel magnate), and in my youth I won a scholarship and took a Double First in English Literature at Oxford.

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