"You do not have to say anything ........." Amusing anecdotes from a career in policing.

Nick Cosgriff B.Ed (Hons), B.Sc.(Hons), Cert. TEFL.

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Either academic presentations on crime scenes, forensics and offenders, or non-academic, amusing anecdotes from a career in policing.
6th December 2019
Anecdotes | Amusing | Crime | Police

"You do not have to say anything ........"

Nick speaks for 45 minutes giving interesting and amusing anecdotes from his career in policing as a 'defective' sergeant in the police 'farce'.

Stories include 'the speaking police dog', 'burglary at the World of Fur', 'missing people' , 'undercover in a dustbin' and many more.

Book Nick to hear why others should have received the awards and commendations he was awarded, and why he should have been given the rollickings that some others got.

Nick also presents other talks of a more serious nature on criminology and forensics for other occasions:

  1. Forensics at crime scenes.
  2. How to investigate murder.
  3. The forensic psychology of the 'mad', 'sad', 'bad' or just downright dangerous.

Audience Feedback. "We made £181 ……… enjoyed your stories ……… thank you very much."

Jo of Kenilworth.

"Very interesting stories. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We must have you again."

Anon. of Leek Wootton.

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About Nick Cosgriff B.Ed (Hons), B.Sc.(Hons), Cert. TEFL.

Nick Cosgriff. B.Ed. (Hons), B.Sc.(Hons), Cert. TEFL, QTS.

Member of National Association of Speakers' Clubs (ASC).

Nick retired from the police in October 2018 after 28 years service. During that time Nick was awarded medals, numerous commendations and citations for service, bravery and exemplary conduct. Nick worked in a number of uniform roles, supervising immediate response officers in road traffic, public order , crime and general police duties. Nick worked as a detective sergeant supervising teams investigating volume and serious crimes. Nick was a training and recruiting officer. Nick was also a custody officer supervising the safe detention of the 'sad, the 'mad', the 'bad' and the outright dangerous.

Since retiring, Nick has worked as a lecturer in further education, teaching to HND level on Police Studies courses. Nick has also been working as a public speaker, delivering entertaining, informative and educational presentations on criminology and policing.

Academically, Nick has a Bachelor of Education (Hons) degree majoring in religious studies, a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree majoring in forensic psychology and criminology, and he is currently studying for a Bachelor of Divinity (Hons) degree majoring in Catholic theology.

Nick delivers either academic presentations on forensics at crime scenes, murder investigation and forensic psychology of dangerous people, or non-academic, amusing anecdotes entitled 'You don't have to say anything ......' based upon his career in the police service.

Book Nick for your next speaking event, and find out why others should have had some of the recognition he was awarded, and why he should have received some of the rollicking that the others got.

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