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Carl Jones

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30th May 2022
Slap | Mental Wellbeing | Trauma | Anxiety

SLAP yourself talk is designed to be delivered to individuals and group members. It has been presented at the “Psychology in the Community” in Cheltenham supported by The British Psychological Society and University of Gloucestershire, as well as at the "Menta Health Show" in Cardiff. Based from personal experiences, the SLAP yourself technique can offer someone with mental health concerns, a survival guide, delivered to prepare them or at a tough time in their life. Talk length between 30-60 minutes

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About Carl Jones

Helping managers deliver a calm and coherent Team. The S.L.A.P. technique has been years in the making and has developed in a lively and informative show. There are two talks, one designed for managers called "SLAP someone" and the other for individual members called "SLAP yourself". Both talks are best delivered in periods, between 30 minutes and an hour long. If you need a Specialist Mental Health speaker, who has been there and done that, whom now delivers talks to help people through difficult times, then Carl Jones Training can provide it.

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