Penguins in the Desert: behind the scenes in Abu Dhabi

Frances Hurd

South East
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9th January 2017
History | International

I give a brief account of the history of the United Arab Emirates, then explore an extraordinary society where only 15% of the population are citizens and 60% are male. While the Emirati enjoy exceptional wealth and privilege, the country faces problems. Women struggle for independence and equality, and victims of rape and sexual assault are treated as criminals. Cushioned by government handouts, young Emirati men have little incentive to bother with education or employment. Thousands of Asian labourers live in harsh conditions. And most alarmingly from the government's point of view, even some of their own privileged people are starting to ask about the possibility of introducing some measure of democracy into this absolute monarchy.

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About Frances Hurd

Dr Frances Hurd is an independent historian and genealogical researcher living in Chichester. She has worked in publishing, academia and the heritage sector, as well as inspecting schools both in the UK and Abu Dhabi over many years.

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