Health Begins At Home, Not In Your Doctor's Surgery

Dan Trussler

South East
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11th October 2019
Healthcare | Health And Well-Being | Nutrition | Medicine

Through studying the art and science of medicine and as a practising osteopath, I'm come to realise that having good health into late age is a skill that can be learned and not simply due to good or bad luck.

We will cover the key aspects of this skill including an Ancestral perspective on living in harmony with the light cycles of day and night, how to digest your food optimally and ways to manage the high levels of stress people find themselves under.

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About Dan Trussler

Daniel graduated from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy in London and has practiced as a registered osteopath for many years both in the UK and Australia. During this time he has expanded his knowledge and skill set to include nutritional evaluations, lifestyle coaching and Functional Medicine training. He and his team now offer a bespoke 6 month programme to clients that addresses the root cause of health concerns. We utilise labouratory testing to gain an accurate examination of the biochemical profile of each client to best help them towards their goals. This is followed by a detailed insight into the four pillars of health; sleep, diet, physical movement and stress management.

The Ancestral Health Clinic was set up in the summer of 2017 in Tiptree, Essex, United Kingdom. Clients have achieved fantastic results, many of whom have shared their story on the clinic's website.

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