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Mark Smith

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9th October 2019

A 20 minute talk at the National Kidney Federation Annual patients day at the East Midlands Airport. This was the post dinner motivational speaker slot for the conference.

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About Mark Smith

I spent 25 years as a type 1 diabetic, suffering lots of health issues as well as other hardships to deal with, like losing a brother who was only 21 years old. The health also stopped me from having a family. In 2009 I needed a double transplant. Since the operation I have raised lots of awareness for organ donation and have been on national TV and radio as well as the press, plus a myriad of more local radio and news articles. I have also raised a huge amount of money for charity, including Hadrians Wall walk in 2016 and the Yorkshire three peaks. I also hosted a large charity dinner in October 2018 which raised a significant amount of money in it's own right. I have won awards and now have two children post transplant. I am a stay at home father. Despite all the health issues I have had I have turned everything into an opportunity to help other people through my fundraising, raising awareness around organ donation and being positive despite this adversity. My talk is aimed to show how it can be inspirational to have had a difficult life yet still feel like you are on top of it and can face it with a grin.

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