Happiness: a search through history

Gale Gould

South East
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History, Professional, NADFAS, WI, U3A, Probus, etc
5th January 2020
Happiness | Motivation | Health And Well-Being | Humour

"Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." - Aristotle

This illustrated talk examines happiness in history and explores the techniques and strategies that were used by people in the past to find joy, relaxation, and stability in their lives. What coping mechanisms did people use when under the constant threat of Viking invasion? What remedies did people apply to improve their health and wellbeing? And, what was the 'keep-fit' craze in the Victorian period?

This informative and entertaining talk asks, what lessons can we learn from the past to help us live happily in the present?

Format: Illustrated talk with slides. Length: approximately 40 mins + Q&A

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About Gale Gould

Gale Gould is a final-year Doctoral researcher at the University of Southampton with an interest in political and environmental history. She is also a practicing New Forest commoner with the Right of Pasturage, meaning she can depasture cattle, ponies and donkeys on the Open Forest. Her speaking credits include the Chalke Valley History Festival, the New Forest and Hampshire County Show, the Royal Southern Yacht Club, and The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre (Havant).

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