How to lose your customers’ love in 5 simple steps

Claire Boscq-Scott

The Busy Queen Bee
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20th April 2020
Customer Experience | Customer Service | Customer Loyalty | Brand

Figures show that 9% of customers will stop buying from you because of your price, 14% because of their dissatisfaction and an astonishing 68% leaving because they perceived indifference from their favorite businesses.

Can you really afford to take your loyal customers for granted? Businesses must love their customers, all of their customers: the Advocates, the Apathetics and the Saboteurs.

In this realistic presentation I will show you what you shouldn’t be doing to unsure you keep your customer buying from you, returning to you and recommending you.

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About Claire Boscq-Scott

Mystery shopping and Customer Service specialist, Claire lives to inspire global businesses to thrive by delivering exceptional customer experiences in measuring and improving employees' performances.

No 5 Top 30 Global Customer Service Guru UK Top 10 CX Influencer and CX Thought Leader 2020, with three decades of expertise in Mystery shopping and Customer Service, Claire, AKA The Busy Queen Bee, is an authority the Customer Experience Industry. She brings a more holistic and comprehensive approach to Employee and Customer eXperience.

She is a Keynote Speaker, Consultant & trainer specialising in retail & hospitality. Author of 3 books; Thrive with the Hive, Thriving by Caring, and launching in September 2020; The Secret Diary of a Mystery Shopper Her online L&D platform BQB CX Institute offers a wide range of online and onsite training and has developed her Caring Service Culture Leadership Programme a game-changer for any organisations who want to become truly customer centric.

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