The Magic of Confidence

Greg Holroyd

GH Magic
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Professional Magician, Hypnotist, Gentlemen Pickpocket & Keynote Speaker
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Life Skills
20th September 2019
Magic | Confidence | Magician | Entertainer

This talk explains my greatest magic effect... The magic of confidence! Imagine if you was confident in everything you did, how it would affect your personal and business life... How would it affect the people around? By the end of this talk you will understand exactly what confidence is and how easy it is to develop within you to become a confidence warrior

Key Points

  1. Why it is important to develop Confidence
  2. The misconceptions and what it actually is
  3. Relaxing is easy & automates a calm mind
  4. We create our feelings... and we can control them
  5. Pass on the power of confidence
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