The Glory of the Short Story

Catherine Evans Horlick

South East
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19th September 2019
Literature | Short Story Writing | Creative Writing | Writing Competitions

Winston Churchill famously apologised to a friend; 'I'm sorry this is such a long letter. I didn't have time to write a short one.' Short stories are a very special art form, as the writer has limited space and time to create a world and the characters that inhabit it. They often feature a twist, or a pivotal moment in a character's lifetime, and can shed light on a unique perspective and some talented writers can sketch out whole lives and incredibly complex relationships with great beauty and economy.

Creator and sponsor of the ChipLitFest Short Story Competition, now in its fifth year, and Founder and Editor of, Catherine Evans has read over 3,000 short story submissions in four years, and analyses the qualities that make for a successful piece of short fiction... as well as the characteristics shared by stories that don't make the grade, using real examples.

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About Catherine Evans Horlick

Catherine Evans Horlick is the author of 'The Wrong'un', a novel about a dysfunctional Northern family which was published in 2018. She is also the Editor of, a website which publishes short stories of all genres by authors around the world. In addition, she's a book reviewer:

Prior to the publication of her book, Catherine worked in the City for 20 years, primarily for specialist investment firms and hedge funds. She lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and daughter.

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